What People Are Saying

Elected Officials:

"I continue to be impressed with Emily’s laser focus on improving the quality of life for Burlingame residents. She knows that providing great public services requires a balanced budget and, at times, some tough choices. She doesn't flinch.  She is brilliant, always prepared, and a thoughtful listener.  I am honored to endorse Emily Beach for Burlingame City Council." 

-Congresswoman Jackie Speier

"Emily is a gold-standard Councilmember on the Peninsula -- her work ethic, attention to detail and passion for Burlingame are abundant and impressive. She effectively exerts influence in her seats on regional bodies, bringing valuable resources to the community. Public service is her life’s work and I am so proud to call her a colleague."

-Kevin Mullin, Speaker pro-Tempore, California State Assembly

"Emily has a proven track record of leading organizations to new levels of success.  Her organizational skills, determination, and "can-do" attitude are unparalleled, and she instinctively knows how to effectively collaborate and bring out the best in everyone she works with."

-Dave Pine, San Mateo County Supervisor

"Emily has the right mix of perseverance, integrity, and likability.  She is dedicated to public service and committed to Burlingame.

She has become a leader for Burlingame and our whole region on transit modernization.  She has fought to get Broadway train overpass to alleviate that dangerous intersection, to finally repair El Camino, and for better bike lanes.  We need her leadership on Burlingame Council!"

-Michael Brownrigg, Burlingame City Council 

"Emily is hard-working, intelligent, articulate, and a great colleague.  She persists through tough policy debates, and always fights for the long-term best interests of San Mateo County residents."

-Don Horsley, San Mateo County Supervisor, San Mateo County Transportation Authority Chairperson, and former San Mateo County Sheriff  


Burlingame Community for Education Foundation (BCE):

"Emily Beach is an exceptional community member and leader.  Upon our introduction, I immediately knew she was the person who would inspire our community to create a new vision for BCE Foundation.  Emily worked with the Superintendent, the Board of Trustees, parents, and staff to establish relationships that built support for our city’s education foundation.  She is a tireless advocate for schools and community.  She is at the top of my list of people that I would want to work with in any given situation."

-Dr. Maggie MacIsaac, Superintendent, Burlingame School District


“In all of my non-profit board work over the past 15 years, Emily is absolutely the best leader I've had the pleasure to work with. They just don't come any better."

-Jennifer Liebhaber, Former Board Member, BCE Foundation


"Emily has a magical combination of inspiration plus perspiration plus integrity.  This community is so fortunate that she decided to channel her talents and leadership as president of BCE Foundation for the greater good of our children, our schools, and the Burlingame community."

-Sari McConnell, Past President, BCE Foundation


"Emily's leadership skills are unsurpassed. Her leadership is possibly only overshadowed by her talent, wit, and endless warmth.  If Emily chose to put her skills to work in the private sector, I would be the first in a long line of people trying to work for her where she would clearly be the CEO."

- Kathy Turner, Former Board Member, BCE Foundation


First Presbyterian Church Nursery School:

"During the recession that started in 2007-2008, many of our families struggled to pay tuition and the need for our nursery school's scholarship fund more than quadrupled. Emily was sincerely passionate about replenishing our scholarship fund.  She led the parent team that made our annual fundraiser nearly eighteen times more profitable, and rallied our school community to help families in need.  I am very grateful I had the opportunity to work with Emily. Her experience and knowledge are invaluable. I am so proud of what our team accomplished during those years. We became stronger and better.”   

-Barbara Sena, Director, First Presbyterian Church Nursery School 2000-2014



“Emily Beach is one of the finest managers in the fifteen-year history of our company...Her work ethic and integrity are unequaled...While the rest of our company averaged a 35% decrease in sales during 2002, Emily’s top three accounts flourished, increasing by an average of 112%.  Her performance saved jobs during one of our industry’s most severe economic downturns…. I trusted Emily to make effective business decisions for our Major Accounts Business Unit which was responsible for 45% of our 2002 profits because she is deeply committed to the principals of smart business that ensure our long term viability of our company.  I unequivocally recommend her with the highest level of confidence for any of her future endeavors.”

-Omar Ghosheh, Vice President of Sales, 2003


U.S. Army:

"It's been fun to keep in touch with Emily over the past 18 years and watch her excel in so many diverse professional and personal endeavors. From the moment she arrived in my unit fresh out of officer training and Notre Dame, I knew she was capable of great things. I immediately made her my Executive Officer (second in command) ahead of other lieutenants more senior to her. Her tireless work ethic, people skills, competence, and sound judgement helped her become one of the most highly respected Patriot missile officers in the Korean theater. In my 25 years in the Army, Emily is one of the top people I have ever worked with."

-Aaron Roth, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired)


“[Emily] possesses brilliant talent, abundant energy, and accepts only the highest standards in job performance…Her strong professional attitude radiated to subordinates and caused them to respond with their full, best effort…Simply a magnificent performance by a dedicated, knowledgeable, first-rate officer.”

–Lieutenant Colonel Robert House, U.S. Army, Republic of Korea 1997-98


“[Emily] is truly an officer who can do it all…she will excel in any assignment.”

-Captain Kimberly McGavern, U.S. Army, May 1999