June 2019


  Notable Upcoming Dates:

  • 6/3/19: City Council Meeting, City Hall, 501 Primrose Road, agenda link here 
        - Broadway Grade Separation project update (dividing railway from roadway)
        - Caltrain's 2040 Business Plan vision 
        - Historical Resource Evaluations (how City policy impacts private property)
        - Commercial Recreation on Burlingame Avenue

  • 6/8/19Coffee and Conversation with Emily this Saturday @ 8:45 a.m.
     Il Piccolo Caffe, 1216 Broadway. All are welcome! 
RSVP here and bring a friend.  

  • 6/10/19Lyon Hoag Neighborhood Traffic Calming Meeting, Recreation
     Center, 6:30 p.m. 850 Burlingame Avenue 

  • 6/24/19: Peninsula Health Care District Town Hall, Lane Room (downstairs)
     Burlingame Public Library, 7 p.m., 480 Primrose Road.
         - Discussion about
their 8+ acre Senior Wellness Community and housing
           proposal surrounding Mills Hospital  

  • Future June/July City Council Agendas: 2030 Climate Action Plan, Affordable
     Housing Fund Programs, Gun Lock policy discussion 

I’m kicking off this summer newsletter with one of my favorite policy topics: transportation. When we reduce our dependence on automobiles, I believe our collective quality of life improves: less traffic, more parking, cleaner air, healthier lives. Convenient and affordable public transportation, plus safe walking and cycling routes are important parts of the solution.

Burlingame’s 2030 Climate Action Plan provides the roadmap for reducing greenhouse gasses to meet our City’s 10-year climate goals. During our first public hearing in April, we learned that the transportation sector remains our City’s #1 contributor to greenhouse gasses.

While our City has recently made some meaningful safety improvements, we still have important work to do. I am excited that we just began Burlingame’s first Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan to improve our network of safe sidewalks and cycling routes. We’ve received 365 comments from our community and want to hear from YOU about how to make walking and cycling safer in Burlingame here.

Our City is committed to building more infrastructure to support electric vehicles that reduce our carbon footprint.  This month, we welcomed a new electric vehicle (EV) charging station in the City Hall parking lot at 501 Primrose Road. This Level 2 charging station is available to the public 24/7 and is capable of charging two EVs simultaneously, with each port supplying up to 7.2kW. The cost is approximately 30 cents per kilowatt‐hour.  In addition, a bunch of EVGo super-charging stations are coming soon to Broadway on Parking Lot Y @ Chula Vista -- construction underway now!  

On the regional level, Caltrain will transition from diesel engines to an all-electric fleet by 2022.  Electric trains will improve our air quality and provide improved service -- including the return of Broadway weekday service, and more frequent service at Burlingame Station. Each month I advocate for our City as Burlingame’s representative on Caltrain’s Local Policy Maker’s Group, which includes elected officials from San Francisco to San Jose. Learn more about Caltrain’s 2040 Business Plan vision and what it means for Burlingame by either attending (or watching from home) this Monday’s City Council meeting.  We’ll also receive an update about our Broadway Grade Separation project, which is a critical safety improvement to separate the railroad tracks from the roadway.

In other traffic safety news, our third Lyon Hoag & Adjacent Neighborhood (Greater Washington Park area) Traffic Calming Improvement Meeting will take place on June 10th, 6:30 p.m. at the Recreation Center, 850 Burlingame Avenue.  Our traffic consulting team will propose solutions after processing feedback from the past two community meetings and traffic studies.

Finally, here is some food for thought for my fellow parents of teens: empower your kids to be more independent and make green transportation choices this summer by encouraging them to walk, bike, and ride SamTrans buses!  SamTrans is safe, clean, and convenient. I just purchased
SamTrans bus Summer Youth Pass (SYP) for my kids -- available for ages 18 and younger.  It’s on sale now for $40 and provides unlimited rides on any SamTrans route from June 1 through August 31, 2019. This is a huge cost savings compared to regular monthly youth passes or paying by each ride ($1.10 per youth/senior, $2.25 per adult.)  Learn more here.

In case you are unfamiliar with riding buses in San Mateo County, here are some helpful YouTube videos:

How to ride SamTrans

How to use SamTrans bike racks

How to pay for your ride on board (cash, summer youth pass, change, tokens)

Remember, five FREE shuttles help us move around Burlingame -- from Broadway to Burlingame Avenue, trains stations, and our Bayfront.  Click here to learn more about our free shuttles. 

Each one of us impacts our environment with transportation choices we make.  Even small, incremental changes help improve traffic, parking, and emissions for everyone. So if you are able, the next time you have a short trip in town, try walking or biking instead of driving.  See how you feel and give us feedback on improvements that would make you feel safer. On a longer trip to San Francisco or down the Peninsula, try Caltrain or SamTrans.  I’ve discovered it’s a liberating alternative from gridlock on Highway 101!

Take care and safe travels this summer.  Hope to see you at Il Piccolo this coming Saturday morning June 8th @ 8:45 a.m. for coffee and conversation so I can answer your questions about what’s going on in the City, and hear about what matters most to you.


P.S. You can read my past newsletters and learn about upcoming events at beachforburlingame.com